There are  about 50 boy cadets’ registered in the NCC this year. The NCC conducted various parades and other activities. About 50 parades were conducted throughout the session. All the cadets were provided with refreshment every day.


Bharat Scout and Guide

Nearly 240 students were registered in the Scout and Guide wing. Students passed Pratham And Dwityasopanexamination . During the session various camps, specially camp for cooking and hiking badged were organized. ChintanDiwas was celebrated on the occasion of Lord Beden Powell’s birthday on 21.02 2015 . Apart from this 5 Guides and 4 Scouts are nominated for State award and 2 Guides are nominated for the President award, the most prestigious award of the country.



Yoga is a science well developed and trusted upon. The Vidyalaya observed the World Yoga Day on the 21st of June 2015. There was a massive yoga demonstration on the Vidyalaya sports field.

Vidyalaya together with the Patnajali Institute of Yoga organized a session on physical, cerebral and spiritual heath. The students were taught various exercises, healthy eating habits and daily schedule and a talk on good moral values was given by a Jeevan Dani from Patanjali.